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"A shortage of resources is an illusion born of ignorance."

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Leeward Space Foundation encourages all stakeholders in the future of Humanity and Human Civilization to work together with us to realize our common goals in the development of space resources, the protection of our environment and the preservation of Human Civilization. Click "Infinite Resources" for more detail.  

Star Voyager is a sponsored initiative of the Leeward Space Foundation dedicated to the transformation of Human civilization to a Solar civilization and then to an Interstellar civilization. Click Star Voyager for the "Roadmap to the Stars".


Do you shop or book travel online?  Help Support research to find an affordable, reliable and safe access to space by shopping all the major online stores, from Amazon to Wal-mart and by booking travel through any of the major online sites at GoodShop at no extra cost to you.  Each store or travel booking site will donate a percentage of what you spend to the Leeward Space Foundation and you pay no more than what you would have paid if you had gone to the store directly!  Click banner below to get started!


Space is the answer to many of the Humanity's most pressing  problems. Join us in our efforts to establish a World wide network of Local Leeward "Space Is The Answer" Chapters.  Through our scholarship program we hope to encourage the next generation to help find these "Answers". 

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The directives of the Leeward Space Foundation will be to: raise money, promote space research, finance space missions, support space exploration and colonization and encourage educational programs related to space exploration and astronomy.
The first objective of the Foundation will be to support research toward the development, construction, and deployment of earth's first Space Elevator. The elevator should make access to space a hundred to a thousand times cheaper than rocket power. It would then be possible to construct Space Habitats, Mining and Manufacturing Facilities, and Solar Power Generation Stations in space. These facilities would help remove some of the major causes of environmental damage from the earth's surface to outer space. 

"As we enter the 21th century, humankind must deal with the energy crisis, the depletion of natural resources and the pollution of the earth.  The solution to all these problems lies beyond the earth by tapping the vast resources of the solar system, in particular the asteroids, as a source of materials and the sun as a source of power, which will also remove to outer space some of the major sources of pollution.  Uncountable dollars worth of metals, fuels, and life-sustaining substances await in nearby space.  Vast amounts of these important substances are locked away--for now--in the asteroids, comets, and planets of our own solar system.  The abundant resources of the solar system, including effectively limitless solar energy, could support a vast civilisation of 1016 people"; that's over a million times our present population.  John S. Lewis argues in his book Mining The Sky that the "shortage of resources is an illusion born of ignorance."

Another major objective of the Foundation, once the elevator is operational, is to support a large scale study of the affects of the space environment on the average person. We have much data on the effects of weightlessness, radiation and many other factors on young well conditioned astronauts, but not enough that we can generalize for the whole population.  It will be average people who will be colonizing space and other planets and moons; so, we need to know if the general population can live and travel in space with few or no ill effects.   Study leaders will work with space habitat builders to help overcome known serious space environmental problems such as: the  long term effects of weightlessness may be overcome by rotating habitats to create artificial gravity;  NASA still has no reliable data about how much exposure to radiation is safe or the best methods to provide radiation protection.  The study will seek to answer these questions as well as any other issues that might affect the safety and welfare of space travelers. 


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