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We support efforts to help Humanity become a space-faring race through exploration, commercialization and colonization of our solar system and beyond. 


Since the development of space resources offers long term answers to most of Humanity’s most pressing concerns, we will support research to find an affordable, reliable and safe access to space in order to develop these resources to improve the lives of all of Earth’s people and to protect the environment in which we live.


We will encourage all stakeholders to work together to realize our common goals in the development of space resources and the protection of our environment. We will always strive to do what's right, because it is! We will treat people and organizations with honesty and respect.


The Leeward Space Foundation is a certified 501c3 not for profit entity.  We think The Space Elevators (there won't be just one for long) offer the best opportunity for allowing mankind to venture into space by the millions; to live, work, and play.
One small asteroid has an estimated economic value of over a trillion dollars.  Once captured and placed in earth or lunar orbit, there would be enough work for thousands of people.  With raw materials from the asteroid, solar power stations could be built and clean, renewable, and nonpolluting energy could be beamed back to earth.  If we choose our asteroid with care, say the core of a spent comet, it could still contain enough water to supply the needs of thousands of people and with solar power the water could be separated into oxygen and hydrogen.  Now we can cheaply fuel other missions into the rest of the solar system.
This is the stuff of our dreams; if you share in this dream, then join us by contributing to the Foundation and working with us to make the dreams of us all come true.  Are you ready?


This site dedicated to the late Charles K. "Prof" Ewing who had a way of bringing the best out in his students.

Leeward Space Foundation -- 216 Maple St. -- Americus, GA -- 229-942-1281