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Leeward Space Foundation plans to establish an international system of local chapters to be know as “Space is the Answer” chapters.  The purpose of establishing this network of local chapters is two fold.  Firstly, the local chapters will support the mission of Leeward Space Foundation by promoting the idea that the development of space and space resources can provide many, if not all the answers to Humanity’s most pressing concerns.  Most people know that Human Civilization faces some very difficult challenges ahead such as; climate change, industrial pollution, developing clean energy, eliminating poverty and many others, but few realize that there are permanent solutions to these problems to be found by developing nearby space resources.  


Secondly, the network of local chapters will help Leeward develop a Scholarship program for High School Seniors or equivalent and a separate scholarship for college level.  Each local school or community chapter can sponsor a graduating senior or college student who will then present a paper to Leeward concerning how he believes developing space resources will provide an answer to a particular concern facing humanity.  The best papers will earn their composers scholarship grants and will be published on http://www.Space-Is-The-Answer.Org  We must make the next generation aware of the huge potential of space development, for they are the ones who will build the infrastructure that will grow Human Civilization out into the Solar System.  The first year’s scholarships will be $1000, but plans are to grow the top scholarship to $10,000 and to offer four other lesser grants.


The application process to become a “Space Is The Answer” local chapter is very easy: simply send an email to:  chapters@LeewardSpaceFoundation.Org with your location and the group to be represented.  The chapter will promote Leeward’s mission by supporting as many of the fund-raising activities as possible located at: http://www.LeewardSpaceFoundation.Org/id21.html .  All activities can be used in the Unites States, but some are not available in every country.  GoodSearch and GoodShop can be used everywhere.  Each chapter may conduct other fund-raising activities as well, with prior approval of the board of directors of Leeward.


Each chapter will collect yearly dues of up to twenty US dollars for each member, with ten dollars passed along to Leeward as membership dues for the parent organization.  In an effort to insure that no person is excluded for financial reasons, each chapter may waive dues for any member who signs our fund-raising pledge.  In order to insure widespread participation in the scholarship program, Leeward will also accept papers from candidates nominated by any group or organization that will commit to participate in Leeward’s fund-raising activities.

As Dr. Stephen Hawking put it in the Spring of 2008, "If we don't leave the Earth and grow into the Solar System and then to other Star Systems, sooner or later something is going to get us".  Our main purpose then is the advocacy of Humanity and Human Civilization.  We do not advocate any particular political or religous point of view, but we do believe that we must work with other groups to accomplish the goal of maintaining and strengthening our civilization for ourselves and our children. 

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This site dedicated to the late Charles K. "Prof" Ewing who had a way of bringing the best out in his students.

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