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Attachment 4


Appendix to Form 1023

JPL Space Foundation, Inc.

EIN 26-2140475



Part I-7


Name of Authorized Representative is:

Floyd Green, Jr.

Floyd Green CPA, PC

3300 Buckeye Road, Ste 401

Atlanta, GA  30341

Phone:  770-457-2550

Fax:  770-457-2677


Part IV


Our overall exempt purpose is to promote space research, support space exploration and colonization. 


Promotion of Space Research.  We will assist other organizations and individuals in working toward the development, construction and development of earth’s first space elevator.  We will put together a complete database of other organizations that are working toward such a mission.  We will then allow all organizations access to such database in effort to make the process of developing the earth’s first space elevator more efficient and collaborative.  This database of information will be available over the internet.  The database will include names and contact information of experts in the field, organization who are working on specific types of projects and other information about space elevator missions. 


This program will be lead by the President of the organization and will take up 100% of the organization’s time.  This furthers our exempt purpose as it directly promotes space research, exploration and colonization.  Program will be funded through grants and the donations.  The Headquarters for the organization will be in Georgia; however, the database will be accessible by organizations around the world. 



Part V – 3a 


1.   John Lee will serve as President and Director of the organization. John received his Bachelor’s Degree in Math and Physics as well as Master’s Degree in Earth Science and Math from Georgia Southwestern University.  John has 26 years of experience teaching Math, Science and Computer Science in Public Schools of Georgia. He has been a Math Instructor at Darton College for the last 15 years.  

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