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Friday, 18 June 2010
Open Letter To President Obama
Dear Mr. President,

Firstly, I would like to applaud your efforts to have BP set aside $20 billion to help
pay the economic cost of the “oil spill” in the Gulf.  Notice the quotes around the term
“oil spill”, I use quotes because I think the term trivializes the magnitude of the
disaster.  A spill occurs when you knock over a glass of milk; what we have in the Gulf
is a gusher of unparalleled proportions.  Secondly, even though the $20 billion will
bring some relief to those who will suffer the most, it only treats the symptoms of the
disease and is not a cure.

We had a sure fire plan to make sure that such a disaster as this never had a chance to
occur back in the 1970s when Gerard K. O'Neill wrote “It is important to realize the
enormous power of the space-colonization technique. If we begin to use it soon enough,
and if we employ it wisely, at least five of the most serious problems now facing the
world can be solved without recourse to repression: bringing every human being up to a
living standard now enjoyed only by the most fortunate; protecting the biosphere from
damage caused by transportation and industrial pollution; finding high quality living
space for a world population that is doubling every 35 years; finding clean, practical
energy sources; preventing overload of Earth's heat balance.
—Gerard K. O'Neill, "The Colonization of Space” and of course there can be no “oil
spills” in outer space.  The same sure fire plan could still work today.

NASA has ask for suggests two different times on their Open Gov. site for ideas about
what NASA should be doing and both times the idea of a Space Base Solar Power Conf. was
the top idea. .  NASA has
ignored the idea, thinking perhaps that Energy is not in their mandate.  Maybe it is time
for NASA, the Department of Energy and other interested parties to come together to find an
absolutely clean Space Based solution to our energy needs that will prevent the next oil
gusher disaster somewhere else in the world.  How many Eco-Systems must we totally
destroy before we say “Enough”, it’s time for a paradigm shift in our approach to solve
the World’s energy needs.

BP itself has talked about “Beyond Oil”, so perhaps the cure is to also encourage BP to
match that $20 billion as an investment in Space Solar Power.  Mr. President, I know that
you have talked many times about investing in clean renewable energy.  Every Earth based
renewable energy source has drawbacks, whether it be cost, distribution, storage or in
some cases pollution.  Space Solar Power is the ultimate clean source and is available
24/7, plus there are many new ideas that can bring the costs down as well.  If we can
have this conference and BP invests $20 billion in the best of the ideas that come out of
the conference, then the US and the world will be well on their way to moving from a
fossil fuel economy forever.  

Thanks for your attention,
John Lee
Executive Director
Leeward Space Foundation

Posted by jplspace at 1:13 PM EDT
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