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                                About Artist:

                                                    Lorenzo Ghiglieri

Lorenzo Ghiglieri was born in Los Angeles, California, on November 25, 1931. His cross-cultural heritage derives from the union of his French mother and his Italian father. He grew up on the edge of an urban melting pot thus acquiring a special sensitivity toward other people and their ways of life. No doubt this diversity of background contributed to his success in developing associations with the Eskimos and Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest.

Both grandfathers were artists: one a sculptor and the other a musician/conductor. His father was a marble and stone carver and his mother a pianist and vocalist. Lorenzo naturally responded to the artistic environment in which he was raised. His exceptional artistic and creative abilities were recognized early in school where teachers and principals asked for drawings and carvings.

Lorenzo won a prestigious award from The Los Angeles Art Directors’ Club when he was seventeen, which provided a scholarship to The Los Angeles Trade/Tech Junior College. His training and education would serve as a catalyst, propelling him into the world of fine art.

His Navy service in The Korean War interrupted his art education.  He served one year on a Navy Destroyer after which he was fortunately assigned to the Headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief of the Atlantic Fleet, in Norfolk, Virginia. As staff illustrator and naval painter, he and his skills were put to full use. It was during this tour that he received a commission to paint the Navy Cruiser, The U.S.S. Baltimore. The United States of America on the occasion of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II officially presented this dynamic painting to Great Britain. “The Baltimore” was America's honor ship during the ceremonies in London. Lorenzo was just twenty-two years old at completion of this important commission.

Following his discharge from the Navy, Lorenzo joined the staff of Stephen Biondi Studios. He was soon assigned to their national accounts, including Richfield, Hughes Aircraft, Revell, and Coca Cola. His career progressed and he worked in both Chicago and New York. Though widely successful as a commercial artist, he eventually grew restless, longing for a greater sense of artistic expression and freedom.  

At twenty-five, with so much of life and experience already behind him, Lorenzo made the bold decision to leave the commercial art world and strike out on his own as an independent Sculptor and Painter.  Thus taking the initial steps on the path to his true destiny and sealing his inevitable fate as one of the World’s most renowned and best-loved Artists of the 21st Century.  


Edition Limit: 500

Dimensions: 22x44x17 inches

Cast In Bronze

Returns Only if Damaged

PRODUCTION TIME: Order will be placed with foundry at time of winning bid but may take up to five week for delivery.


Foundry asking price: At least $5000
Half of asking price benefits Leeward Space Foundation, Inc. and is the tax exempt portion. 

Donate at
least $5000



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