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                               About Artist

                             Laran Ghiglieri

Laran R. Ghiglieri has been creating and designing master works of art since he was 11 years old. Initially working with clay, Laran began sculpting breathtaking figurines of wildlife and human images, and produced “Claymation” movies (film animation shorts or mini movies).

As a third generation Ghiglieri artist, Laran has had the opportunity of studying and apprenticing under his father (world famous Lorenzo E. Ghiglieri), realistic wildlife artist and master sculptor. As a student of Lorenzo, Laran collaborated, created and co-produced hundreds of paintings and sculptures ranging in theme from historical, biblical, wildlife and western. He has contributed to many of the most spectacular monuments in the United States, including the World’s largest: a bronze eagle standing over 33 feet tall and weighing 14 tons. He has partnered in the creation of works owned by Michael Jackson, Governor Arnold Schwarzeneger, Vice President Al Gore, King Olav V of Norway and President George H. Bush.   He recently had the honor and privilege of presenting an original, Ghiglieri sculpture to his holiness, Pope John Paul II, The Vatican.

In 1989, at nineteen, Laran's works had already surpassed the $60,000 mark in terms of individual selling price.  His current projects will soon exceed a half million-dollars a piece in achieved revenue, establishing Laran Ghiglieri as a world-class master sculptor following in the family tradition of quality and excellence through the visual arts.



Edition Limit: 500


Cast In Bronze

Returns Only if Damaged

PRODUCTION TIME: Order will be placed with foundry at time of winning bid but may take up to five week for delivery.

Foundry asking price: At least $4000
Half of asking price benefits Leeward Space Foundation, Inc. and is the tax exempt portion.

Donate at
least $4000



This site dedicated to the late Charles K. "Prof" Ewing who had a way of bringing the best out in his students.

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